Water Heater Rental Cost

water heater rental

water heater rental could be costing you too much!

Are you still renting your water heater? Water heater rental is unique to Ontario, no other province or country in the world rents water heaters to home owners … but they do here in Ontario!

Use our water heater cost calculator to see when you would break even when you own your own water heater, and learn just how much you will pay over the lifespan of your rented water heater

Water Heater Cost Calculator

Simply slide the slider to choose how much you are paying each month, then choose the annual payment increase (found on your bill). The amount you are paying over the duration is automatically displayed.


Water Heater Rental Calculator

Still Renting Your Water Heater?

Read our latest article on why you should stop renting your water heater if you are in the Burlington, Oakville or Hamilton areas of Ontario why not call us to discuss getting rid of your rented water heater … it makes so much sense!