Stop Renting Your Water Heater

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water heater rental could be costing you too much!

Attention Ontario Home Owners Who Are Renting Your Water Heaters –

“Did You Know That Renting Your
Water Heater Is a HUGE SCAM To Take
Your Hard Earned Money From You?”

It’s True! Read The Message Below To Find Out Why You
Should Own Your Own Water Heater vs. Renting It!

The Real Truth About Renting Water Heaters…

At first glance, when considering renting a water heater vs. buying one, it can seem like the most logical decision to simply rent. Why? The most appealing thing about renting is the cost. When you rent, you don’t have to purchase a full-price water heater and pay for it to be installed.

And then there’s the cost of having to keep it maintained every year. When you add up the cost of the water heater itself, the installation, and having to keep it maintained every single year…it just makes sense to rent right?

WRONG! Renting YOUR Water Heater is Wasting Money!

Let’s take a closer look at the real costs of a owning a water heater vs. renting it and then you’ll see why investing in your own personal water heater for your home is not only one of the smartest decisions you’ll make, but also a great financial decision as well that’ll SAVE you a lot of money!

Initially, the cost of renting vs. buying seems like a logical decision. But when you look closer, you will think differently…


If you want to buy a water heater, the average cost is around $1000. Most people will spend even MORE than this for luxury items such as HD TV’s, home computers, etc. yet they don’t rent those, they usually buy them. Why would you want to rent something that heats your home, for years to come, and will most likely outlive your TV or computer? It makes no sense.

Secondly, if you decide to rent a water heater, the typical cost is $25/month (that’s on the low end) plus you get locked into a contract that not only can increase 2% every year, but the contracts can be very long as well (from 15 to 25 years!).

If you paid for your own water heater outright from day one instead of renting, it could be paid off in full within only 3-6 years. This means that if you decide to rent, after 3-6 years ALL the money you hand over to the rental company from that point forward is 100% PURE PROFIT for them, and a waste of money for you.

 Here’s a shocking and eye-opening breakdown of what you’ll
end up paying over time as a water heater renter…

Think about it…

Pay $1000 now and own your own water heater, and pay $100+ or so every few years for maintenance or shell out $5000+ or more over the course of years where you’re stuck in a water heater rental contract? The truth speaks for itself.

“Why would you want to spend around $1000 vs. $5000 to $16,000?”

Another sneaky thing about these contracts is the fact that if they have to replace your rented water heater for any reason, you get stuck with a NEW contract. If you decide to cancel the contract all together, it can cost you $1000-$2000 just to get out of the contract.


A water heater is not a complex object. It’s a simple tank, a small burner, an anode, a gas valve and handful of other small components. Nothing more. The thing about water heaters is, they need little to no maintenance. In fact, even if you pay for a service man to come out and service your water heater once every few years, your cost will only be $100 to $200 max. This is MUCH less that what you’d pay in rental fees if you didn’t own the heater yourself.

Another great thing about buying vs. renting is most water heaters come with a generous manufacturer warranty to ensure that if anything goes wrong, it can easily be fixed or replaced. If you rent, and this happens, you’ll get stuck in a new contract that may even cost you MORE every single month for years! Be sure to check out our water heater rental calculator


Now that you can clearly see that renting will end up costing you thousands upon thousands of wasted dollars over the long haul, the whole water heater rental business gets even more “crooked”.

 “Did you know that some water heater rental companies charge older retirees a higher rate (around $37/month) for the SMALLEST water heaters…yet charge around $25/month to younger families in the same neighbourhood?”

If that’s not crooked and wrong, than I don’t know what is.

Stop wasting your money and being conned by these water heater rental companies. Now you can own your water heater and save thousands of dollars…

“Let Us Help You Make The Transition From Renting To OWNING…And Saving BIG MONEY Along The Way!”

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