How To Reduce Your Ontario Heating Bills This Winter

lower your hydro bills

lower your hydro bills

With hydro going up many Ontarians are looking for ways to reduce their bills, and we cannot blame them! Natural gas, being a non-renewable resource, should be expected to increase in costs for household heating. If you’d like to reduce how much you’re paying on each heating bill, we highly recommend the following tips.

Buy a programmable thermostat

The majority of homes don’t need the same degree of heat throughout the day, however it’s easy to forget about adjusting your thermostat before you go to bed or even leaving your house for a couple of hours or longer. To solve this issue, purchase a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats enable you to set various times for the heating to be turned up as well as down a few degrees. Something you should be aware of is that you shouldn’t program your programmable thermostat for big temperature changes quickly. A great increase of heat might cause your furnace to need to run a lot more than is necessary. Some programmable thermostats are able to learn your routine, can be turned on or off using any mobile device and report your usage when compared to other users in your area!

Use your ceiling fan to help keep heat in

Rather than using your ceiling fans only during the summer, you can also set your fan to reverse on a low speed throughout the colder months to allow heat to stay inside and lower. This works simply because heat rises, with your ceiling fan switched to reverse blows the air down from the ceiling. Therefore, you can test this out whilst you set your thermostat lower than normal to determine if this helps.

Make use of caulking, weather stripping, along with other ways to keep heat inside

Putting up window film, repairing cracks around your windows and doors, also checking whether or not heat can easily escape from around electrical wall outlets and exhaust vents may also really make a difference. You can also fit an insulated water heater blanket on your hot water heater, especially if you notice that it’s warm to touch on the exterior.

Replace your furnace filters and think about having your furnace serviced

Anything that keeps your furnace running as efficiently as possible will have a part in reducing how much natural gas you use every month. Clean your furnace, check the vent, install new furnace filters, and if you are unsure about anything call us at British Gas Man if you’re not sure about how efficiently your furnace is heating your house.