Gas Fireplace Service & Maintenance

gas fireplace service

gas fireplace service & maintenance

Given that the cooler weather is on its way, now is a good time to think about getting your gas fireplace serviced and ready for the heating season. Whilst there are some proactive steps you can do by yourself, most homeowners prefer to call a local gas professional for an annual gas fireplace service. Gas fireplaces need to have their gas burners; ignition and ventilation systems inspected every year. Your local gas professional will make sure that your gas fireplace is delivering its maximum heating efficiency and also inspect your fireplace for safe operation.

The main source of safe practices and maintenance information regarding your gas fireplace is in your fireplace owner’s manual. Typically the manual clearly shows what should be done to maintain your gas fireplace and shows guidelines for safe operation.

Natural Gas Fireplace Routine Maintenance

gas fireplace serviceWe’re frequently asked what’s included in our gas fireplace routine maintenance program? This is a typical overview of the work that’s carried out during a standard home natural gas fireplace service, maintenance/tune-up (please be aware this checklist could be modified to suit specific gas fireplace equipment that might require further work to complete the maintenance properly).

Gas Fireplace Inspection Checklist

  • Check thermostat is calibrated properly
  • Make certain your gas fireplace operates properly
  • Check blower/fan operation (if this has a blower)
  • Examine all electrical connections (if there are any)
  • Check out doors (closing,latches, locking, hinges)
  • Check venting is free from obstruction (nests, objects etc)
  • Check/measure combustion air
  • Examine quality of current installation/setup
  • Examine area around gas fireplace
  • Confirm fireplace clearances (meets code)
  • Review overall fireplace condition
  • Record natural gas fireplace location, make, model & serial number
  • Confirm age of gas fireplace any recalls & any upgrades made or needed

 Annual Gas Fireplace Service Tune-Up Checklist

  • Carry out Gas Fireplace Inspection during routine maintenance (as per checklist above)
  • Check for proper input & output pressure on gas valve
    Check for correct millivolt output of thermocouple and thermopile if fireplace has both
  • Check and clean thermocouple/thermopile connections
  • Check correct setting of pilot flame (when the gas fireplace does not have electronic ignition). Flame needs to be high enough to create current through thermocouple/thermopile
  • Tighten up all gas connections. Checking for any gas leaks
  • Carefully check fire log-set for any cracks or signs of failure
  • Clean and remove gas burners, adjust air shutter to ensure a correct flame
  • Check burner and gas pilot position
  • Vacuum blower/fan blades to remove build up and adjust if needed (without removal if any)
  • Check flue for any leaks along with proper connection to exterior vents
  • Check thermostat location, operation, calibration, & anticipaitor setting (if applicable)
  • Check thermostats wiring to ensure tight, clean connections
  • Clean fireplace glass doors & check hinges, latches and locks
  • Vacuum out beneath fireplace
  • Carry out Safety Inspection
  • Confirm property has working CO detectors as per TSSA regulations
  • Inform homeowner of condition of fireplace & any recommendations
  • Provide a written estimate for any recommendations
NOTE: This excludes cleaning of chimney (where applicable)

Fireplace Service & Maintenance

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