Furnace Stopped Working? Before You Call Check These Things

furnace stopped working

faulty thermostat – one reason a furnace stopped working

Got problems with your furnace? Troubleshooting your furnace before calling for service may just save you money, time and make you feel good about fixing it yourself!

  • Is your Thermostat set to “heat”? Whilst this may seem obvious, the thermostats setting should be the first thing you check.If your thermostat is not calling for heat there is no way it will fire up meaning your furnace stopped blowing hot air!
  • Your thermostat batteries are dead? There are some thermostats that are hard wired to the house, and others that use batteries. Simply pull the cover off to see if yours has batteries, if so try changing them.
  • Dirty furnace filter – When your furnace has a dirty filter air flow is restricted, this is amongst the most frequent reasons that a furnace stopped working.
  • The circuit breaker for the furnace has tripped. Check the panel If it’s not labelled “furnace”, look to see if one of the switches seems to be in the opposite position to the other breakers. In order to reset the circuit breaker, flick it to the off position, and then back on.

Take note: When circuit breakers trip, some go all the way to off position, some stop in the middle and may not appear tripped – either position indicates it has tripped.

  • Furnace Off Switch has been turned off. Easy done as they typically look just like an everyday light switch which is mounted on or near the furnace. Check to make sure it’s switched on. Depending on where its located, the Furnace off switch may be easily knocked while changing the filter or mistaken for a light switch.

Too many of the floor registers are shut? Don’t shut more than 1/4 of the floor registers since this restricts airflow in and out of the heating/cooling system.

The blower / fan doesn’t run. A quick way to check if the blower is operating is to call for heat, set the thermostat “fan” switch to the “on” position. If your blower operates, this suggests the issue is not likely with the blower.

Furnace Stopped Working – Time to Call Service?

faulty igniter one reason a furnace stopped working

faulty igniter one reason a furnace stopped working

The Issues listed below should be diagnosed and repaired by a qualified licensed technician

Gas igniter (hot surface igniter) failure Should your gas furnace has all of a sudden stop working, it might be that your gas igniter has given up. The furnace hot surface igniter will glow bright orange as it heats up, this only lasts a couple of seconds just before the burners light. Once lit the igniter turns off until needed again.

How can you tell if your furnace comes with an igniter? Through the viewing hole on the cabinet can you see a small, blue pilot flame burning close to the burners? With a furnace that’s over 20 years it most likely has a pilot light. Gas furnaces under 20 years old in most cases have an igniter.

Failed gas valve, If your igniter glows but then turns off without the gas burners firing up, there’re most likely not getting gas through from the gas valve.

Reasons a Furnace Stopped Working

There are many reasons a gas furnace can stop working. If your furnace has stopped working, call British Gas Man, Heating and A / C for repair. We can send a Service Technician to identify and repair the issue.

British Gas Mans trucks visit your home already equipped with many of the most frequently needed furnace parts. We should be able to do the repair in the first visit.